"PFIEFFER FALLS" (16" x 20" un-matted) ($80.00), 10" x 13" matted) ($60.00) 
               BIO:  TROY BRAJKOVICH

Early obsessions with photography were inspired by growing up on the rugged central coast of California, where the core surf culture immersed itself in the staggering beauty of the local landscape. Here he first began to experiment with old film cameras. He loves traveling, and the 13+ countries he has visited have each contributed to the development of his eye and understanding of humanity and nature as a subject of visual art. 
  While studying film, music, adventure and nature on the South Island of New Zealand for 2 years, Troy first shared his lens work with an audience. Screening In Almond Eyes, a surfing documentary, at the Dunedin International Film Festival, Troy was surprised and delighted at the response, and the frame lines of his aspirations began to draw a clear point of focus. 
  Troy earned his degree in Film, Television, and New Media from San Diego State University in 2006. In film, photography and music, Troy's work consistently explores new dimensions. As a filmmaker, Troy has received international broadcast credit, film festival recognition, and worked on internationally acclaimed productions with globally renowned companies, filmmakers, musicians, athletes and other heroes.
  Revisiting his first love for still photography, Troy’s thirst for aesthetic outlets has reemerged in the form of this print series.